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January 18, 2023

Thursday, April 24, 1975 -- Council questions BONDING COMPANY executive -- A special meeting of the Staunton City Council was held on April 19 with Mayor Russell Masinelli presiding. Mayor Masinelli explained the purpose of the meeting–to know from Del Rutherford, who was present, the exact cost or the exact commission Mr. Rutherford will make if Staunton accepts the pending bond issue.

Mr. Rutherford was asked the above question by Mayor Masinelli. Rutherford then reminded the Council that we have a contract with Benjamin Lewis Co. of Chicago.

After a lengthy discussion wherein Rutherford was asked again for a figure, he finally came up with $72,600.

That figure "floored" the Mayor and Council. It was the opinion of the Council that Rutherford had previously informed the council that there would be no fee, that he made his money in the resale of the $550,000 worth of bonds.

The Mayor and City Attorney read Mr. Rutherford's item 9 signed by Benjamin Lewis Co., Mayor Masinelli and Clerk Schaefer on Dec. 10, 1973, that states, "The City shall not be obligated or liable to us (Benjamin Lewis Co.) in connection with any of the services outlined above in the event the said bonds are not issued. If said bonds are delivered to us on or before Feb. 15, 1974, the price we shall pay for said bonds will vary in accordance with the change in the Dow Jones Index between this date and date of delivery of said bonds to us.

Mr. Rutherford claims we have a signed contract with his company, Benjamin Lewis Co. The Council will meet Monday, April 21, to decide whether to accept this bonding or to dissolve relationship with Benjamin Lewis Co. and Del Rutherford.

Mayor Masinelli asked Atty. Balding what the City's position would be if the Council proceeded with bonding without Rutherford. Balding could not be specific but indicated that to have a contract there must be mutual agreement between the parties involved and he felt Rutherford and the city does not have a "mutual agreement," therefore he feels Rutherford does not have a legal contract.

Mayor Masinelli advised council members to be prepared Monday night to accept or reject the Benjamin Lewis Co. proposal. He also advised that if rejected, a lawsuit may follow.

Staunton Break-in Investigated -- Macoupin County Sheriff's deputies are investigating a break-in at the Tall Timbers nightclub near Staunton discovered at 9 a.m. Monday.

Burglars apparently broke in through the building's south door, according to Sheriff's reports, and escaped with an undetermined amount of money from the juke-box and cigarette machine and approximately $1,000 in checks and cash from the cash drawer of a desk.

Air National Guard Planes Will be in Area - Pilots of the 183rd Tactical Fighter Group, Illinois Air National Guard, Capital Airport, Springfield, will be flying over or near this area at low altitudes and high speed. Their altitude will be 1,000 feet above the ground and at speeds of 360 to 600 miles per hour. These speeds are not sufficient to cause sonic booms.

Although flights will not be conducted daily, such flights will be flown during daylight hours only. The Air National Guard pilots will be flying the F-4C Phantom jet aircraft.

The low level air route extends from Springfield to Mt. Pulaski, Pana, Hillsboro, Staunton to Roodhouse.

Livingston Cheerleading Tryouts -- On April 11 cheerleading tryouts were held at the high school and the following will be the 1975-76 cheerleaders: Jr. varsity, Joan Coalson, Lani Kovaly, Denise Lockhart and Joan Meyer; varsity, Mary Kay Coalson, Dena Lenger, Mary McEnery and Terri Salter.

A.R. Graiff cheerleaders are Shelly Banovz, Mary Oliphant. Denise Philippe, Robin Hampton, Melanie Ocepek, Nancy Tsupros, Laurie Holloway and Tari Brooke.

Thursday, May 1, 1975 -- PATROL CAR, TRUCK CRASH -- A Macoupin County Sheriff's Dept. patrol car and a pick-up truck were extensively damaged when they collided Sunday, April 27, on the Old Gillespie Lake Road, according to Slate Police reports.

The patrol car, driven by Deputy Henry Lloyd of Staunton, was reportedly responding to a call at the lake and was operating the siren. Alvin Rosentreter of Benld. driver of the truck, was traveling in the opposite direction and said he was confused by the sound of the siren. Thinking the squad car was behind him, Rosentreter veered his truck into the path of the oncoming patrol car, according to reports. Rosentreter was reportedly ticketed for wrong lane usage.

LOAD OF STEEL OVERTURNED -- A transport tractor-trailer truck carrying 14,000 pounds of piping overturned at 3:45 p.m. Friday, April 25, spilling its contents into the yard at the Michael Atwood residence on North Hibbard.

According to police reports, the truck, driven by William J, Kerry of Dayton, Ohio, was traveling south on Rt. 4 when the truck overturned.

Kerry's wife, Regina, was in the truck at the time of the accident. No injuries or damage to property were reported.

Worden High School Annual Prom -- The annual prom of Worden High School will be held Friday night, May 2. A queen will be crowned from among the four junior candidates, Patty Halley, Becky Ludwig, Kerry Miller and Lynda Schlechte. The retiring queen is Lanette Jenkins. Kennie Ooton will be master of ceremonies and Renee Blotevogel will be mistress of ceremonies. The public is invited to the coronation which begins at 7:30 p.m. A dance for students only will begin at 8:30. Diane Emrich will represent the freshmen at the crowning; Pam Neuman the sophomores and Gladys Welch the seniors.


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