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Our Mission

In the many years of association with Staunton, we have always enjoyed and truly appreciated the support of our community. Both our loyal readers and advertisers have been an integral part of our success and we thank them for that.

To our readers, we pledge to bring you an easily readable and accurate journal of what is happening in your home town. As always, we welcome your suggestions. It has been our experience that the more input we have from our readers, the more interesting our paper becomes.

To our advertisers, we know we are providing you with a local marketplace second to none. Your advertisement helps to bring the Star-Times to readers who care about our community and in turn support the local businesses.

The Star-Times continues to have one of the largest circulations in Macoupin County.

Since 1878

Our paper can be traced back to August of 1878 when a Mr. Blom published the Staunton Times. That paper was later taken over by T. H. Edwards who published it until 1907. In 1907, the Times was sold to John Camp and Company, owner of the Staunton Star.

Camp and Co. then merged the two papers and began publication of the Staunton Star-Times. In 1916 the paper was sold to C. T. Kurz and son Armin. Two years later (1918) Armin took over as publisher and held that position until 1933.

In March of 1933, the paper was sold to Walter Haase Sr. and Willard Moser. The partnership saw Mr. Haase as publisher with Mr. Moser doing editor duties. That partnership lasted until 1963 when Mr. Moser elected to sell his equity in the paper to Mr. Haase’s son, Walter, Jr., and the Star-Times Publishing Co., Inc. was formed.

The Haase’s, Sr. and Jr. continued in partnership until the senior Mr. Haase’s death in 1979 when Walter Haase, Jr., became sole publisher of the Star-Times. He continued until his retirement on Jan. 1, 2020.

In January 2020, Walter Haase sold the Star-Times to John and Susan Galer of Hillsboro, who own and publish the Hillsboro Journal-News, the Macoupin County Journal, Mt. Olive Herald, Madison County Chronicle, Bunker Hill Gazette, The Raymond News, M&M Journal and The Advertiser.

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