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Persons are considered innocent until proven guilty. In criminal actions, the person has been charged by a law enforcement agency but is entitled to a hearing or trial to argue his innocence.


Jacob R. Adcock, of Seattle, Wash.; Kacie R. Adcock, of Virden, Ill.

Cynthia M. Wallace, of Kincaid, Ill.; Dean Wallace, of Virden, Ill.


Brenton J. Beard, (38), of Carlinville, committed a Class four felony of aggravated assault of a peace officer. On March 30, 2024, said defendant threw a remote at said peace officer and then charged him.

Jason L. Barnard, (51), of Carlinville, committed a Class four felony of domestic battery. On June 2, 2024, said defendant knowingly caused bodily harm in that he punched a victim in the face and with said defendant having a prior convictio...


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