To You … With Love


January 26, 2022

Like the wings of the seagull, dipping down into the water, touching its coolness here and there, I sat with those who had come to honor and grieve one human life.

Walking softly, privileged to be there, I remembered the goodness of a humble man, who found the key to eternal secrets, and with a simple kindness he wing tipped his earthly days with a silver lining. In the Psalms it tells us that one shall rejoice in the yield of his labor, and surely as the time goes by there will be peace and joy in the hearts of those who knew him best. It’s a holy thing, when a life is weighed in the balance and found to be sheathed with silver and gold. God bless. Beautiful tribute, Beautiful life.

As I re-read this article I once wrote for a friend, I thought again of my David’s life. Last Sunday it began 26 years since he entered his new life journey in the house of the Lord and from his heavenly home. We still celebrate the memory of his days with us – also a beautiful thing.

Love never dies,

Rev.Richardson (ret.)


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