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2024 SCC All-Conference Baseball Results

First-Team All-Conference: Gillespie’s: senior pitcher Bryce Buhs; senior infielder, Tristen Wargo; and senior outfielder, Jesse Berry;

Southwestern’s: senior pitcher, Marcus Payne; senior infielder, Rocky Darr; and senior outfielder, Hunter Nowelll;

Litchfield’s: senior catcher, Carson Saathoff; sophomore infielder, Mathew Bywater; and senior outfielder, Jake Gasperson;

North Mac’s: junior infielder, Aiden Hatalla;

Greenville’s: junior DH/Utility, Benjamin Hutchison;

Vandalia’s: senior DH/Utility, Kale Konrad.

Second-Team All-Conference: Gillespie’s: senior pitcher, Tristan Wargo; and sophomore infielder, Collin Griffith;

Southwestern’s: senior pitcher, Adam Hale; senior infielder, Collin LeMarr; and junior DH/Utility, Ryan Lewis.

Staunton’s: sophomore catcher, Carter Legendre; and senior outfielder, Dillon Pritchett;

Litchfield’s: sophomore infielder, Ethan Saathoff;

Greenville’s: sophomore infielder, Rowdy Sussenbach; and junior outfielder, Cohen Alstat.

North Mac’s: junior infielder, Quinn Morrow;

Vandalia’s: senior outfielder, Andrew Kelly.

Third-Team All-Conference: Gillespie’s: junior outfielder, Jack Kaylor; and senior DH/Utility, Jaydon Baker;

Carlinville’s: sophomore outfielder, Noah Convery;

Greenville: sophomore pitcher, Drake Curry; junior pitcher, Cohen Alstat; sophomore catcher, Dominic Sanchez; and senior infielder, Hudson Alstat;

Litchfield’s: senior pitcher, Carson Saathoff; and senior outfielder, Tate Dobrinich;

North Mac’s: junior pitcher, Cade McCready; Freshman DH/Utility, Collin Etter;

Pana: senior infielder, Ryan Karbach; sophomore outfielder, Parker Moore; and sophomore DH/Utility, Madyx Angel;

Southwestern: senior infielder, Marcus Payne;

Vandalia: senior infielder, Ayden Jones.


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