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  • Slices of Life

    Jill Pertler|Jul 20, 2022

    “Life is a lousy spectator sport.” –John R. Powers When it comes to thrill-seeking, I’ve always embraced being one of the wimpiest of the wimpy. Why ride a roller coaster when you can watch all the fun from the sidelines? Rhetorical question, to be sure. Let’s just say I’ve been at peace with being a sidelines gal. My family is the opposite of wimpy when it comes to thrills. They think nothing of putting their life on the line if it means riding a roller coaster that defies gravity by rolling and turning and spilling its riders upside down – in...

  • Slices of Life The best of times in the worst of times

    Jill Pertler|Nov 10, 2021

    This could be a difficult time of year for me. It might be. A year ago, we were discovering my husband was gravely ill. We were on vacation when he entered the emergency room of the hospital - alone. It was during COVID. No visitors were allowed. Then, nine days later, we learned he could very well die. The doctor called me personally to tell me this news. She was kind. She didn't like being the messenger. But she vowed to smuggle me in that very night. And she did. I got to see him, for the fir...

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