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Macoupin County Courthouse News

Persons are considered innocent until proven guilty. In criminal actions, the person has been charged by a law enforcement agency but is entitled to a hearing or trial to argue his innocence.

Marriage Licenses

Tera Quinn Bates of Benld, Violet Melissa Roselynn Irons of Benld

Angela D. Stokes of Hillsboro, Timothy Aaron Stokes of Hillsboro

Brandon Lesemann of Bunker Hill, Mackenzie McGuire of Bunker Hill


Jessica Marie Bondy, of Mount Olive; Dean Ross Bondy, of Gillespie

Michelle M. Bright, of Big Fork, Mont.; Anthony C. Bright, of Girard, Ill.


Ronald M. Burns, (36), of Gillespie, committed the Class three felony offense of possessing less than five grams of methamphetamine or a substance containing methamphetamine on Dec. 31, 2023.

Edward D. Askew, (71), of Keyesp...


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