Published in the Interest of the Staunton Community for Over 143 Years

Macoupin County Courthouse News

Persons are considered innocent until proven guilty. In criminal actions, the person has been charged by a law enforcement agency but is entitled to a hearing or trial to argue his innocence.

Marriage Licenses

Jason Michael Crawford of Litchfield, Amanda Mae Featherstone of Litchfield

William Barrett Richards of Carlinville, Jeri Deanne Amos of Carlinville

Joseph Lee Bilbruck of Roodhouse, Kathleen Elizabeth Bozso of Roodhouse

Amanda Grace Royer of Staunton, Austin Michael Rushton of Staunton


Chad Russell Connoyer, of Brighton; Lisa Deanne Connoyer, of Mt. Olive

Yolanda Cristine Bowen, of Collinsville; Eric Matthew Bowen, of Wilsonville

Susan M. Rutherford, of Auburn; Eric R. Rutherford, of Virden


Blade D. Hannah, 21, of Girard, committed the Class two felony off...


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