Published in the Interest of the Staunton Community for Over 143 Years

Days Gone By In Staunton

Thursday, July 5, 1923 -- OPENED ICE CREAM PARLOR-- I wish to announce to the public that I have opened an ice cream parlor on South Edwardsville Str., and will appreciate a portion of your patronage. A full line of candies always on hand.

Mrs. Frank Sornig

COST HIM 200 BUCKS -- Harley Dietz of Gillespie demonstrated a car on the hard road near Staunton to a prospective purchaser one evening of the past week. In doing so he developed a speed of 50 miles per hour and ran without a tail light. Motorcycle deputy Walter Stiff happened along and as a consequence Dietz is now out 200 bucks, the amou...


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