Published in the Interest of the Staunton Community for Over 143 Years

'Letters to Santa' from past issues of the Star-Times

Dec. 24, 1908,

New Douglas,

"Dear Santa,

Will you bring me a sled, and some candy, and some toys to play with, and my brother wants a box of candy, horse and wagon and a pocket knife.

Harry and Willie Andrews"

Dec. 17, 1909

"Dear Santa Claus,

You will not have to go to the country for us this year for we have moved to town. Please bring me a doll and go-cart. Jane wants a doll head and set of dishes, and Margaret a doll head, doll bed and little broom.

Your little friend,

Dorrell Kilduff"

"Dear Santa,

I want a tool chest, jack-in-the-box, horse on wheels, turtle, top, and ring. I am trying to...


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