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Issue of Dec. 2, 1998

Snack with Santa hosted more than 200 children.

Approximately 250 carolers attended Sing Out Staunton held on Main Street for the lighting of Staunton’s new Christmas lights.

A son was born to Scott and Kendra Windisch of Houston, Texas, on Nov. 17.

A daughter was born to John and Karla (Fleming) Hettinger on Sept. 30.

A daughter was born to Bobby and Angela Dees of Belleville on Nov. 16.

Tina M. Moreland (38) of Staunton died Nov. 28 at Anderson Hospital in Maryville.

Blanch I. Price (82) of Jerseyville died Nov. 27 at Alton Memorial Hospital in Alton.

Madlyn F. Bertoldi...


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