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Macoupin County Courthouse News

Persons are considered innocent until proven guilty. In criminal actions, the person has been charged by a law enforcement agency but is entitled to a hearing or trial to argue his innocence.


Raymond Lee Burdell of Benld, Andrea Marie Carles of Benld

Karley Sue Douglas of Jerseyville, Johnathan Derrel Williams of Jerseyville

Michael James Fiaush of Chatham, Morgan Elizabeth Love of Chatham

Aaron David Semplowski of Gillespie, Alyssa Mae Buhl of Gillespie


Wiliam Andrew Harlan, of Shipman; Lori Jo Morgan Harlan, of Litchfield

Robert Lloyd Stocker, of Carlinville; Terri Lynn Stocker, of Carlinville

Robert C. Pehrson, of San Tan Valley, Ariz.; Rayna F. Pehrson, of Bunker Hill, Ill.


Alphonso M. Anderson (26) of Carlinville, faces two counts, one being a felony c...


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