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Looking Back

Louise Moggio's kindergarten class picture in 1960-61 was submitted by Nancy Bickley Collora. These Staunton High School class of 1973 alums will be holding their 50 - year reunion on Sept. 30.

Pictured are: (top row) Louise F. Moggio, teacher; Rebecca Allen; Teri Ashley; Nancy Bickley; Gary Biros; Eugene Bof; Beverly Bond; Debra Boulch. (Row 2) Leah Boulch; Mary Edna Brandt; Richard Brown; Michael Dal Pozzo; Jo Dee Fritz; Shelby Greeling; Betty Halpin; Donald Heigert. (Row 3) Paul Hiette; Rhonda Humphries; Rainey Lilley; Marilyn Miller; Debra Pingolt; Brian Rotsch; Freddy Stein; Del Stiegemei...


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