Streeb indicted for first-degree murder


September 21, 2022

Blake Kevin Streeb, 30, formerly of Mt. Olive but who had been living in Granite City, was indicted on Thursday on two counts of first degree murder by a Madison County Grand Jury.

Streeb had been charged with multiple counts of ag- gravated battery and battery after he attacked Michael John Reay, 25, and Norman Richter at approximately 4 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 7, at a residence in the 2200 block of Miracle Avenue in Granite City. Following the death of Reay in a St. Louis hospital on Aug. 10, Streeb was charged with

first-degree murder.

Reay had been visiting Richter when the attack took place. Richter escaped and called 911. Reay, who was confined to a wheelchair, was unable to fend off the attack.

When police arrived on the scene, Streeb was still in the residence and was arrested. His bail is $1,000,000.


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