Published in the Interest of the Staunton Community for Over 143 Years

Memorials given to SEF

The Staunton Education Foundation would like to thank the following for their memorials:

In memory of Gloria Garino made by Ruby Hering, Denise & Dick Hemphill, Josie Smith & Tim Williamson, Elsie Guareinti, Carol Young, Diana & Bart Yakos;

In memory of Dr. Victor Buehler made by Nancy Deist, Sarah & Dennis Stiegemeier, Stacy & Brad Skertich, Connie & Ryan Pritchett;

In memory of Sam Neuhaus made by Nancy & Gary Goldasich, Allison & Vince Hasquin;

In memory of Gilbert Wayman made by Betty & Gary Sternickle, Denise & Dick Hemphill.

Thank you to everyone that has given memorials and gifts to the...


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