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Days Gone By In Staunton

Thursday, Aug. 9, 1990 -- LOCAL WOMEN DIE IN CAR-TRAIN COLLISION -- A mother and daughter died of multiple injuries when their car collided with a southbound Norfolk and Southern train last Friday about 1 p.m. at the South Madison and East Henry Street intersection. The women were identified as Diana L. Powell, age 47, and her daughter, Donna M. Bladdick, age 27, both of RR 2, Staunton. The bodies were removed to Lesicko Funeral Home in Livingston.

Train conductor Ralph Former, who was riding in the engine said he saw the car when the train was less than 100 feet from it. Applying the brakes and blasting the horn, the 360 foot long, 70-car train was unable to stop.

The collision hurled the car westward where it landed near the home of Jack Kilduff on East Henry Street.

A piece of debris hit the house, shattering the window and window frame of a back bedroom where Kilduff was sleeping.

According to Fortner the train sustained damage to its main reservoir pipe and was stopped until repairs could be made.

Thursday, Aug. 16, 1990 -- city council hears about pit bulls -- Cliff Mrazek addressed the council requesting aggressive action and passage of an ordinance against the possession of pit bull dogs in the City of Staunton. Mrazek stated that a stiff fine of $10,000 and a jail sentence be included in the ordinance.

Mrazek made note of a case in DeKalb, Ill., where a college student was chewed to death by two pit bulls.

He also stated that there is a female pit bull with a litter of young on the south side of Staunton that could be dangerous, especially since there are so many young children in the area.

Mrazek requested the alderman from his ward be the leader in drafting such an ordinance.

The ordinance committee will meet with the city attorney concerning the pit bulldog situation in the city of Staunton, make inquiries and report at a later meeting.

STAUNTON BOARD AGREES TO LIVINGSTON ANNEXATION STUDY -- During their regular meeting Monday evening, August 13, the Staunton Board of Education read a letter dated August 7, from Wm. Fever, Superintendent of Livingston School District.

The letter sought Staunton Board's permission to have the State conduct a reorganization study on consolidating the Staunton and Livingston Districts. They noted the study would take four to six weeks and asked for a reply by Livingston's next board meeting (Aug. 15).

Supt. Hawkins noted that this has become a very sensitive issue in Livingston. The Staunton Board has tried to remain detached from the issue and not do anything to interfere with the Livingston decision making process.

The Board has previously indicated they would be receptive to annexation of the Livingston District but took no further action, believing that this was a decision that had to come from the people of Livingston.

Hawkins also pointed out that there were some very definite differences between annexation and consolidation. We support annexation and would not likely favor reorganization.

Thursday, Aug. 23, 1990 -- Eight Hundred Claims For Damaged Cars -- The number of claims against Able Industrial Maintenance and Cleaning has climbed to about 800 according to information given at the last Staunton City Council meeting. In July, malfunction of equipment owned by Able resulted in cars in downtown Staunton being sprayed by a chemical mixture. Aldermen discussed the status of claims and determined that since the matter is in the hands of the insurance companies there was nothing the city could do to expedite the claims.

Tom Weis, Able's general manager, said he is suggesting that people whose property was damaged report it to their own insurance carriers. Able is insured with CNA of St Louis.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has determined that the material that was sprayed during the malfunction was non-toxic. "It was a big relief to me that it was a non-toxic substance," Weis said. "We have just been instructed by the E.P.A. to keep pushing ahead with the claims and the clean-up," he said.

Thursday, Aug. 30, 1990 -- Open House For New School Addition -- All members of the community are invited to tour the new building addition at Staunton Elementary School on Tuesday, September 4, from 6:30- 8 p.m. The four classrooms and two offices were constructed during the summer months and are currently occupied for student instruction. School personnel will be available to assist in touring the facility. Refreshments will be provided.

Staunton Landfill has Reopened for business -- Last week people living along Route 4 north of Staunton were surprised to discover the landfill, which had been closed for several years, open and accepting solid waste. According to information from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, because this is an older landfill, the operation comes under the jurisdiction of the I.E.P.A., not county government, as recent legislation requires. The landfill, about 15 acres which is owned by Charles Westhoff Jr., is being operated by Jim Cool of St. Louis under the name Staunton Landfill, Inc. Cool, who said he intends to purchase the property where the landfill is located, has made application for transfer of the permit from Westhoff to Staunton Landfill, Inc. He estimates the landfill has about three years of capacity remaining.

Country Care Center celebrates 25 years -- Country Care Center of Staunton celebrated 25 years of care and service with an open house on August 19. Over 100 guests enjoyed the entertainment, refreshments, reminiscing and tours of the center.

Rella Costley, the first administrator of the facility in 1965 returned for the special event. Members of the original staff who opened the center back in 1965 were introduced during the celebration. Not only did the visitors and guests relish the festivities, the residents and staff enjoyed planning and participating in the excitement.

Thursday, Sept. 6, 1990 -- NEW BUSINESS -- Professional office suppliers, Wetzel Business Products, is now open at their West Main Street location. Wetzel is based in Edwardsville and is managed in Staunton by Penny Best.


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