Published in the Interest of the Staunton Community for Over 143 Years

Memorials to SEF

The Staunton Education Foundation would like to thank the following for their memorials and donations:

Memorials were made by the following:

Myron Hoffstetter in memory of Roger and all Veterans

In memory of Vi Felchner, Dorothy Hildebrand, Lyndel Klausing and Ruth Sievers made by Sandy Compton

In memory of Lemoine Sullivan, Tim Friesner, Bill Gunn and Ruth Sievers made by Denise & Dick Hemphill

In memory of Jan Scanzoni made by Delores & Wayne Brooke of Livingston

In memory of Sam Sexton Sr. made by Sandy Horstmeyer

In memory of Gene Wieseman made by Kaycia & Vic Buehler and Karen & Gary Cros...


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