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March is Ladder Safety Month

The Illinois Department of Labor’s (IDOL) Division of Occupational Safety and Health (IL OSHA) is joining the American Ladder Institute in its national initiative acknowledging ladder safety at home and at work.

The American Ladder Institute promotes the safe use of ladders by defining standards and with education initiatives. The goals are to raise awareness, decrease injury and death and increase certification in ladder safety training.

“Many incidents involving ladders are due to improper use. A fall from a ladder can be life changing, or life ending,” said IL OSHA Acting Division Manager Erik Kambarian.

According to OSHA, more than 100 people die each year in ladder-related incidents, while thousands of people are left with debilitating injuries.

During Ladder Safety Month, education will focus on the following:

Choosing your ladder

Inspection and setup

Safety while climbing

Safety at the top

There are multiple ways to take part in events in conjunction with Ladder Safety Month, including on social media and through webinars.


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