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Pirates and Sweethings are Kittenball Champs

The 24th Dorchester co-rec kittenball tournaments opened Friday with the Anti Buffalo Skins defeating Buffalo Skins 9-8 in the Kidds game.

On Friday evening, Beach Towels won 3rd place by defeating Prestige Worldwide 6-2.

Friday’s first-place game had the Plainview Pirates take first place with their 14-5 win over the Ball Busters.

Saturday’s competition: Beach Towels defeated Ball Busters 8-2; White City Bandits defeated Unwanted 3-0; Delaurent Sweethings defeated Buffalo Club 2-1; Prestige Worldwide defeated #4 Coal Mine 5-1; White City Bandits defeated Plainview Pirates 4-3; and Delaurent S...


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