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Metro-East 2nd semester honor roll

The following area students have been named to the honor roll at Metro-East Lutheran High School for the second semester of the 2021-2022 school year.

Honor roll with high distinction

(g.p.a. 4.0)

Sophomores - Mary Curtis, Worden; Avah Jones, Bunker Hill; Deagan Jones, Bunker Hill

Juniors -Alexandra Bozarth, Worden

Honor Roll with Distinction

(g.p.a. 3.75-3.99) Freshmen - Kate Jose, Worden;

Juniors - Sophia Ball, Worden; Leticia Bennasar-Lluy, Worden; Joseph Bowers, Hamel; Silas Curtis, Worden; Marcus Gerling, Bunker Hill; Ryton Miller, Alhambra;

Seniors - Collin Jose, Worden

Honor Roll (g.p.a...


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