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To You … With Love,


The Lantern - It hung on the rustic back porch just within reach of it owner’s hand. Nearby, another nail designed to hold the sweat-stained fedora, awaited the moment as they lay together in readiness for use. The lantern’s green metal covering had long since lost its shining, but from its translucent sides, when the need arose, there was enough light going forth from those little windows to broaden the path beneath the feet of the one who traveled out into the barnyards of life when the day had gone to sleep.

Strange are the mysteries of small things and awesome the presence of a single hour at the frosted windows of a childhood home. It was there, in this refracted event as the figure of a man, walking with the light, swaying along in cadence to his own rhythm, I knew I was beholding an unsculptured saint, whose burning was touching the wick of my own being with the raging fire of a memory, gold edged and smelted into a priceless coin to be polished and kept in the throne room of my heart, a light for my path.

Love happens in mysterious ways as does the goodness of God’s movements when one walks out in the darkness all alone.

Catch the light. Don’t leave home without it.

Rev. Richardson (ret.)


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